Using intelligent technology to help everyone achieve their wellness goals.

Range.health is a software platform built to make wellness tracking easy. We leverage varios SMS technologies to make tracking your wellness a breeze.

After you make journal entries we use cutting edge tech to chart your data, show you trends, and give you actionable insights. This is designed to help the most important person .... you!


Intelligent Messaging

Kamila is our intelligent messaging platform used to ask you questions, optimized for your schedule. It is similar to a virtual assistant that helps you keep track of whatever wellness goals you choose. The questions the system asks are tailored based on what you want it to ask you. For example, Kamila can ask you to give yourself a score of how energetic you feel, if you got enough sleep last night or even remembered to take your medication. There are no set questions that need to be asked, it's whatever you want.

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power or our will. ”


Apothecary -Web App

Apothecary is our secure Web App where you can read your journal entries, check on your trends, and download a report.

The software provided by range.health never gives medical advice. All the data shown to you is a compilation of whatever you entered in. We are providing you an easier way to log information as well as an easier way to view it. To understand this better, here is an example usage: One week Jane started having bloating; she remembered that she had experienced a similar bloating sensation a few months ago. She logs onto range.health and does a word search of "bloating". Then she is able to see all the notes she entered over the course of several months of using the service. The word bloating came up a few times, each time it came up she had entered that she ate cauliflower. By being able to see her notes in a searchable manner she was able to get insight into her habits and what may or may not be affecting the way she feels. Journaling your wellness can be a powerful tool to help people have discussion points with their healthcare practitioners


Your data is yours

There is no gray area when it comes to your data. You own your data, full-stop. Your data is only used in our systems to provide value for you. You can transparently see how your data is used in each part of our application. Our system has military grade security, so your data stays safe and it is never sold, period.

Currently your data is used in following ways:

  • Create trends displayed on your secure private account for you to see.
  • Displayed on your wellness that you can print.