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Hypothyroid patient

Nikki had started feeling fatigued and was prescribed thyroid medication by her doctor after lab diagnostics. To Nikki’s dismay, her symptoms did not improve after she started her medication even though her follow up labs looked fine. Nikki signed up for Range.health to help her easily track symptoms in her Range.Health interactive journal. She took her monthly Range Report, which showed her wellness trends and most frequent symptoms, to her doctor to better illustrate what she was going through. It clearly painted a picture of her still being hypothryoid! Convinced by Janie’s new thorough, self documented report, her doctor ran an even deeper panel which showed that, in fact, her Reverse T3 was high and she was not really converting her Levothyroxine medication very well. Her doctor added a small dose of Liothyronine(T3) to her regimen and it made all the difference! More importantly, Nikki was able to go back to work and get her life back!

Bi-polar disorder

Natalie had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and had been having other health issues for several years. During her annual check up, her doctor told her she is pre-diabetic. In that moment, she became overwhelmed, as first it was bi-polarism with prescribed medication and now she had her diabetes medication to worry about! Her muscles hurt, she was tired and in pain! Natalie realized that she had never mentioned her aches and pains to her doctor. She left that information out because she thought it was not relevant to her diagnosis. Natalie realized she had recorded all of her aches and pains in her Range.Health interactive journal and was able to show her doctor immediately. This time, her doctor took a second look at her labs AND her journal, as now there was a different perspective that the doctor could better evaluate from. It was all new information! The new labs in conjunction with the journal showed that Natalie had a Vitamin D deficiency brought on by insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Natalie and her doctor were able to come up with an implementation and supplement plan quickly and Natalie was back on her feet! Natalie not only fell out of the range of being pre-diabetic, she felt more balanced, less depressed and was ultimately prescribed less psychiatric medication as well.